At Citron & Deutsch we handle a wide variety of matters for companies and executives across several industries. Our ability to understand each client’s situation gives us the opportunity to provide dynamic counsel and services in various circumstances, tailored to specific business needs.

A Business, Estate Planning & Succession Planning Firm

01. Start-Ups

We act as general counsel for businesses in various industries. From conception to mature and established companies, we advise them on financial transactions, employment law issues, trademarks, manufacturing, distribution, mergers, acquisitions, and licensing. We are a complete legal sources for companies in any stage of development.

02. Entity Formation

We advise clients on when, how, and what type of entity to form,and prepare the necessary legal documents be it a C corporation, S corporation, a Limited Liability Company, a Limited Partnership, or a General Partnership.

03. Capital Raise

Funds for establishing and expanding your business may be derived from various sources. These may include anyone from family and friends to a public offering. Focusing on the sources of funds best for your type of business and stage of development can be an arduous task. Targeting the right sources will be crucial to the success of your capital fundraising efforts.


  1. Evaluate open, closed and locked doors for capital sources. Raising funds from a particular source may exclude other funding sources. – Critical agreements can make or break your funding efforts and your business. Make sure all of the future options are carefully considered before making commitments for stock, sharing of profits, or employment agreements.
  2. Create value before seeking capital. The more value you add, the less control you have to give up and the longer you will be involved in the decision making process.
  3. Whenever possible, start with a garage operation with low overhead.
  4. Protect your technology. File patents, trademarks, copyrights. Use nondisclosure, trade secret and non-competition agreements.

04. Cap Tables

Cap tables list the company’s shareholders and shares owned. We regularly create and maintain these spreadsheets for our corporate clients to allow them to visualize various ownership structures and the effects certain changes may have on their company.