​There are good ideas. And then there are good ideas that springboard into successful business ventures. At Citron & Deutsch, we take entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level. Our experience has made us experts at identifying the missing pieces of entities, putting them into place and then launching start-up ideas into true successful businesses.

By creating what we’ve termed as “the entrepreneurial greenhouse,” we advise our clients and nurture their ideas with key insights that only come after years of experience in a vast array of industries. We search for crucial missing elements, transplant resources to fill any holes and cultivate a business plan that has the greatest potential to attract the most viable sources of capital.

We’ve seen countless times how the right management – along with a solid, strategic plan – can cause reaction of growth to occur. Suddenly, investors become interested. Capital success is readily at hand.


Technology drives business. Throughout every industry, technology is the engine that powers productivity and implements change. Even service businesses, long the stalwart, operating virtually the same way over hundreds of years, has been greatly impacted. To compete in today’s marketplace, every business needs to figure out the best way to adapt – and utilize – technology. At Citron & Deutsch, we have a passion for technology that we believe is unparalleled for a law firm. Our experience has shown us that if a company brings on the right technologically savvy people, the process is far less costly and time consuming. Many of the most difficult problems facing young companies can be solved by correctly implementing the right technology. Accordingly, it pays to figure out the solutions already developed, tested and on the market, versus developing it on your own. We’ve learned what questions to ask and which resources to utilize. Often we will see a business plan that calls for hundreds of the thousands of dollars to produce a result that can be addressed by utilizing a far more cost-efficient technology solution.

Business Planning

Planning for Success

To arrive at the next level, every successful business must have a business plan. A sound business plan is the first, and often only, impression potential investors will have of your company. Without a clearly stated set of goals that is tailored to the appropriate audience, even the most brilliant of innovations will fail to reach its true potential.

Everything flows from the business plan. The stronger the business plan, the stronger the management team, the more likely your funds will come in, and the more likely you will be able to obtain the valuation you want from your investment source and be able to control your company’s destiny.

At Citron & Deutsch, we assist in crafting business plans that not only direct the business and enable the company to raise capital, but also attract top-tier management talent. We utilize our knowledge of specific industries and help craft a plan that speaks in a language that resonates with the distinct qualities investors are looking for. By providing direction for your management team, your business plan will result in not only creating a formula to successfully attract investors, but also will clearly pronounce the vision of the founders.



Without an accomplished management team, even the most ingenious of products ultimately fail. Conversely, an experienced management team can catapult an average product to great levels of success. The reason? Most investors look at the resumes behind the product idea. Companies that already have an A-list management team in place are the first to get investors on board. It’s true – money does follow management. When a new company comes into our offices, we look at the capabilities of the management team and work with them to fill the spots needed in order to have the best opportunity for success. Through our networking resources and capabilities, we’re able to bring in the most qualified individuals for the job, the people who manufacturing the greatest chance for your vision to come into fruition. At Citron & Deutsch, the most valuable service we provide is bringing the right people to the table to assist a business ascend to the next level.



The task of raising capital for your business is both science and art. The science part of what we do at Citron & Deutsch starts with putting together the right management team. The right people will be able to best implement the initial business plan, which will attract more good people and eventually the funding necessary to get started. We analyze every facet of your business plan, looking for ways to eliminate redundant costs and maximize productivity.

The art comes in developing the right story. We assist to craft your story with what we call “kickers” – things that kick the investor, and separate your plan from the others that they are reading. Most investors see dozens of plans each month. Yours has to be the one that simply cannot be ignored – the one that gets them to say, ‘I want to be involved in this business.”