What do you give to advisors in your company? Generally speaking, you do not give them money because you are a start-up and you cannot afford a lot. We give between a quarter and a half percent of stock to an advisor with an agreement that they will work with you for 12 months and that the stock vests over 12 months. If after 6 months they haven’t worked with you, you can stop the vesting and get half the stock back if the documentation is drawn properly for the price that they paid for the stock which is the founder’s price — pennies or less per share. It is a thoughtful process to have an advisor. It is important to give them stock, so they have an incentive. By the way, you can give them more stock if they get more involved. But at least that quarter percent to half a percent gives them some incentive to start being involved with you on more than a friendly basis on a phone call answer.