When you go out to raise money, put together a business plan to see if you can get investors interested in what you’re doing.  We actually have a series of documents we like to see our clients prepare.  The type of investor you have dictates what kind of documents you are going to present.  So, of course, there is going to be some form of a business plan, preferably under 10 pages long.  Sometimes they go up to 15 pages, but if they are any longer, they usually don’t get read.  Then we do what’s called a mini, which is 3 or 4  pages. A mini tells you everything you want to know about a company but are afraid to ask.  We do a cap table, which shows you how stock is held and what the ownership is going to look like after the investors put their money in. We do projections for at least one year, sometimes two or three or four years, although the farther you go, the more conjecture it is.  We do a powerpoint presentation that you can make in person. We do something called a doyle which is one page and shows you all the things you want to know about this deal. A doyle is a summarization of the powerpoint presentation on one page that you can go through in person with someone.  You can also build a website, so that people can see what your website looks like. Separately you can set up resumes of all of the people who are involved in your company.  Many people invest in people, rather than just ideas.